Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm back (again)

guess what? the lazy blogger is back =x
so, new sem huh?
not much of a difference compared to the previous sem @.@
old town is still outside, and the library is still cold inside
except we were kinda not-too-early and not-in-time for the 1st class =x

so, started of with algebra and trigonometry
-weird accent we got here
-it's kinda easy (for now)
-she shouted 'keep quiet!' (Michelle could do much better)
-we're not that noisy actually

then general biology 2
-we got Mr. V this time
-he's pretty good in teaching
-the CRAP cycle is the main problem
-he smile's a lot (not the creepy one)

general chemistry 1 pula
-she's married -.-
-she's allergic to 'teacher'
-ate a very stuffing biscuit from Shally
-next week got no class for chem
-we knew she's not that good
-god bless us

anyway, i skipped the protocol lines like
don't sign attendance for your friends, don't talk or don't be late
which i think everyone knows and no one will give a damn -.-

that's it,
blogging is just so tiring to me =x
so glad that my baby did well in her exam! >.<>


sheyeng said...

yer almost a year din blog liaw la u
so lazy
i always late for me class de
but those teacher dat didnt tick my attendence while i onli late 10 min really wtf
haix u all 2nd and 3rd sem liaw
and i still on my first sem,still college baby =(

Muthu Kumar Veerapen said...

I am glad that I don't smile creepy =p