Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm back (again)

guess what? the lazy blogger is back =x
so, new sem huh?
not much of a difference compared to the previous sem @.@
old town is still outside, and the library is still cold inside
except we were kinda not-too-early and not-in-time for the 1st class =x

so, started of with algebra and trigonometry
-weird accent we got here
-it's kinda easy (for now)
-she shouted 'keep quiet!' (Michelle could do much better)
-we're not that noisy actually

then general biology 2
-we got Mr. V this time
-he's pretty good in teaching
-the CRAP cycle is the main problem
-he smile's a lot (not the creepy one)

general chemistry 1 pula
-she's married -.-
-she's allergic to 'teacher'
-ate a very stuffing biscuit from Shally
-next week got no class for chem
-we knew she's not that good
-god bless us

anyway, i skipped the protocol lines like
don't sign attendance for your friends, don't talk or don't be late
which i think everyone knows and no one will give a damn -.-

that's it,
blogging is just so tiring to me =x
so glad that my baby did well in her exam! >.<>

Saturday, February 27, 2010

life's still good currently
get to spend time with her everyday ^^
working as a promoter
dun really learn how to sell or promote things
but making more friends to know more things when something happens XD
starting to miss the schooling days
miss the time when
i reach school late and have to wait either every1 went into classrooms, or Pn Yeap to appear =x
and when we run like mad when someone shout Ah John!!! when we're playing basketball
and of course looking how ken destroy his kidney XD

owh ya,
happy birthday to Pn Yeap! ^^
she's a great teacher,
she's wise
she's cool,
she's a good blogger,
she's got a weird sense of humour,
i rarely talk to her,
but her words really inspires me a lot =)
get close to her,
then you'll know what i mean!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

151st post

work's fun
find me if you wanna know more
find me too if you wanna join
owh ya,




Monday, February 1, 2010

it's point form time agn =x
dis time abt work XD

it's a shop in time square
Super Cool Hobby ( like anyone will noe -.-)
it sells prank tools and halloween costumes
and also gun aim head and all types of weird things
start =x
-shocking lighters are always the best, we trick them on everyone especially kids
-super shocking lighters are kept in a case, we open it n trick on those we dun like their face
-shocking wrist strength developer is blue in colour, we trick muscular guys that wanna show off in front of their gals
-when gals kena those shock,
malay gals will 'jahat lah u ni~'
chinese gals will 'ahhh~'
lala chinese gals will 'niaxx cixxx'
indian gals will 'vendela puni kamblodu'
arabian gals will 'ooooo!'
western gals will 'hohohoho!'
arabian aunties will hold those shock things dam long and wont let go but shout dam loud and throw them on my leg aft a few seconds
-my co-workers spam bad words like mad
-working at the sg wang branch is like doing nth at hme
-强记外卖's marmite chicken rice rawkz

samo gt a lot, lazy to tink dy =x

this is it
green arrow- store/place to eat onlyt when the boss is around
red arrow-place whr me n my co-workers gather to trick ppl

the job is ok,
but the pay is freakin low,
nid comission to cover bec,
and life sux,
leave her at hse alone,
sry T.T
miz her a lot
A LOT!!!
luckily she's going to work near me soon =P

tat's all,
byes XD


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Currently employed TOO! XD

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

went to kl for vacancies
nice experience
walking around alone
saw funny things
and also nasty things -.-
and 1 promoter gave me a sim card,
and took back -.-lll
lazy le,
Byes XD

Monday, January 18, 2010

偏愛/Prejudiced Love

把昨天都作廢 現在你在我眼前
forget yesterday, now you're right in front of me

我想愛 請給我機會
i wanna love, please give me a chance

如果我錯了也承擔 認定你就是答案
i'll take it if i'm wrong, but i'm sure you're the answer

i'm not afraid of people saying how extreme i am

i trust my own instincts

the stubborns will never say tired

愛上你 我不撤退
i'll never stop loving you

我說過 我不閃躲 我非要這麼做
i said i wont hide, i must do this

講不聽也偏要愛 更努力愛 讓你明白
even if you don't understand, i'll still love you, love you more, and let you understand

沒有別條路能走 你決定要不要陪我
there's no other way, you'll decide if you wanna be with me

講不聽偏愛 靠我感覺愛
i duno hw to translate dis -.-

等你的依賴 對你偏愛
waiting for your dependance, i have predujudiced love for you

i'm still happy with the pain